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About Us


A Few Words About Us

I grew up watching my grandfather manicure yard after yard which at the time was fun times, just hanging out with him. As I learn the trade I developed the passion to carry on the family skill set and with a little tweaking along the way, I felt the need to create Self Made Lawn Service. We are a team of highly committed lawn care specialists that are passionate about giving your grass the necessary care it needs to thrive. Our specialized methods of treatment and family-friendly service are just some of the reasons why our neighbors in South Florida call on us for their lawn care needs. Once we we start maintaining your lawn, you’ll noticed the grass is  greener on the other side. 


Modern Equipment & Tools

At Self made lawn Service, we make use of ultra-modern equipment to provide top quality results and give your lawn the proper care and finish it deserves.

Some of our modern equipment & tools includes;

  • Lawn mower
    The lawn mower is an essential piece of landscaping equipment for any lawn care business. it also has numerous attachments from aerators and spreaders to mulchers and dump carts.
  • Trimmers
    A string trimmer can reach grass in places a mower can’t, like along a fence line, under decks, or around flower beds and mailbox posts. Also called a weed whacker, it gives lawns the finishing touch to look manicured.
  • Hedge trimmer
    Hedge trimmers can trim and shape hedges and shrubs quickly and easily. Like string trimmers, hedge trimmers come in cordless electric or gas-powered varieties.


  • Edger
    You might think a string trimmer can do the job of an edger, and you’d be partially correct. A string trimmer can help maintain an edge. But to create a distinct border or break through thick grass and roots, an edger is more efficient and will do a better job
  • Spreader fertilizer and weed and insect controls are crucial to providing excellent lawn care services. A spreader can help business owners save money by not wasting product during application.
  • Buckets and lawn bags
    Buckets and lawn bags might be some of the least expensive items on this landscaping equipment list, but they’re essential.
  • Hand tools
    The lawn care equipment list wouldn’t be complete without hand tools. Shovels, rakes, pruners, and other low-tech garden tools are a simple but necessary part of a lawn care business. You might choose those with wooden handles, although steel and fiberglass handles are also an option.
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